Laser Cutting

Laser cutting; It is a technology preferred for cutting iron, bimetal, aluminum, stainless and metal materials and is generally used for industrial production and also used by schools and hobby professionals.

CNC laser Cutting

We can make the most challenging cuts at the most reasonable cost with fiber laser technology that offers cutting and performance in a wide range of material types with low energy consumption and very high quality. Our fiber laser cutting machines:

About Us

With the experience we have gained since 1995, we are happy to serve our valued customers with our professional team by carrying the service quality with success and confidence to the present day.
We continue our services in the metal sector as laser cutting press brake bending, sheet bending, all kinds of welded metal fabrications, finished and semi-finished product steel construction manufacturing.
In our developing world, competition brings more serious and heavy responsibilities, in this context, we are aware that we are always the solution partner of our customers and the most important link of the supply chain.
Hope Metal Ltd. It is based on customer satisfaction by working in accordance with the philosophy of total quality management in all its services with the quality service and trust-based cooperation it offers to its customers, economic solutions and timely deliveries.
UMUT METAL LTD, which adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, will always continue to provide quality service to you, our valued customers, with the understanding of quality philosophy first in order to make these features permanent.
We offer individual solutions for each of our customers.

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